Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods Ltd Has Ancient Vegetarian Lineage

Toronto, November 11, 2014 — Confused about how water kefir fits into a Paleo diet? It all depends on how we define Paleo: do we mean a diet high in protein and dried fruits, or a diet similar to what a cave man or woman might have eaten? Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods Ltd’s mission is to reintroduce some of the exotic flavours and techniques that have dropped out of the modern diet, such as our raw tibicos, or water kefir culture.

Fermentation is as old as fruit. Indeed, yeasts and bacteria are some of the oldest life forms known, and so it is to be expected that these life forms would be the first to enjoy sugar! Birds, horses, dogs — or even wasps — often seek out fallen fermented apples or grapes— when we enjoy a bottle of Ann Payne’s water kefir, we are in the company of many species who like fermented foods.

“Most people realize that ancient people ate a wide range of plant products; seeds, roots, leaves and tree bark — less well known is that the most frequent method of food preservation was fermentation! Long live ancient vegetable foods, and all their natural fermented variety!”

Water kefir is a pre-historic method of using friendly yeasts and bacteria to turn sugar water into a low-calorie, high enzyme, fresh and raw drink; water kefir is naturally non-alcoholic. Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods Ltd has perfected a method of preserving the effervescence and vitality of this historic refreshment.