Press Release

Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods Celebrates Fifth Year Anniversary

Toronto, January 29, 2015: Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods Ltd recently marked its fifth year of operations. The company was founded in the United States in December of 2009, and placed its first product on the shelves in April of 2010. The company moved to Ontario, in the summer of 2011, when increased volumes made it necessary to open a facility of its own.

Ann Payne’s Caveman Foods Ltd was founded based on having perfected a method of preserving the effervescence and vitality of water kefir: water kefir is a pre-historic method of using friendly yeasts and bacteria to turn sugar water into a low-calorie, high enzyme, fresh and raw drink. Water kefir is naturally non-alcoholic.

“We will be celebrating this five year anniversary by — over the next few months — introducing new flavours — renewing our packaging — and expanding our product line to include fermented soup bases and select fermented, raw condiments!”