Cultured Honey Drink !

Cultured Honey Drink, now in pallets for International Shipping

  • 100% Canadian honey, only honey, water and “tibicos” culture – no other ingredients!
  • “Tibicos” culture creates lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and beneficial enzymes and bacteria, making the honey drink more interesting, and according to many, makes the honey more digestible and “potent”
  • Shipped as a concentrate, for less expense and better shipping quality – buyer adds water or carbonated water to the keg
  • Unique product can be labelled with your branding and packaging
  • Elegant non-alcoholic drink combines well with savoury or sweet foods
Cultured honey drink in a glass
Beautiful gold colour of the honey
shows well in glass –
fully diluted drink
fizzy drink in a glass
Naturally fizzy drink from the active cultures
Lake Ontario seen behind day lilies
Our facility is next to Lake Ontario and uses
filtered Canadian lake water
pure honey in a spoon resting on flowers
100% Canadian honey – the ONLY ingredient other than active culture
30 L kegs of honey drink, double-stacked
30L kegs, single-stacked
30L kegs, single-stacked on a pallet,
ready for shipping
Double-stacked pallet of cultured honey drink
20L kegs of cultured honey drink, double-stacked
20 L kegs on a pallet, single-stack
20L kegs in a single stack, ready to go!