Hello Fabulous Food Friends

We’ve moved to an ecommerce business model — now the same soups and water kefirs you have come to love are available in a convenient, concentrated format, safely shipped to you!

Please see us at http://soupkefir.ca — we look forward to serving you!

Tibibev Inc, Products to Help You Look Good, with tree and bee logo
Quality Tree and Bee Products

Everything today’s consumer demands:

  • everything is keto-friendly
  • everything is gluten-free
  • plant-powered
  • pro- & pre-biotic — water kefir in bulk, a delicious alternative to kombucha, and plenty of plant fibre in the foods to keep the beneficial bacteria happy
  • Wide variety of tastes
  • Child-approved

NEW! WAREHOUSE SALE: https://tibibev.ca/warehouse-sale/