the Products

a Solution for Everyone . . .

We are committed to creating the food we feel the world needs more of: comforting, healthy, wholesome, and made with love.  All of our products are sourced with all natural ingredients and either vegetarian or vegan:  we feature water kefir in bulk, fritters and dip, “grain” bowls, vegetable blends and hearty soups — something for everyone, and always gluten-free.

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bags of buckwheat groats
innovative ingredients, such as sarrasin / buckwheat groats allow for a tasty, satisfying, gluten-free meal

Affordable, even penny pinching!

Customers love the attention to affordability: water kefir in bulk with returnable bottles is a favourite.

photo of red hibiscus water kefir drink, in a clear 64 ounce bottle
affordable, delicious, and good-looking!

Not a vegan or vegetarian?

Not a problem! All of our foods, and water kefir, play well with others! Combine it your way . . .

pumpkin all-vegetable soup in a clear glass bowl, resting on a slice of gourmet pizza
low-calorie option to eating the whole pizza — feel better afterwards!