the Missing Link?

Tibibev is the Answer to finding a market for sustainable agriculture — moving beyond a few organic fruits — to a real Canadian cuisine.

Today’s Destruction
  • Industrial mono-culture is showing flat or declining yields
  • The average farmer is, increasingly facing a loss on farming
  • Current landmass dedicated to monoculture is destroying adjacent wildlife
Monoculture: A Single Species Planted in a Field
Field of corn, with hungry squirrels and deer
Squirrels and deer, ready for some snacks
  • Top soil blows and drains away
  • Monoculture is a magnet for animals and insects
  • Isolated plants cannot help each other
  • Destruction of micro-biome: bacteria and fungi
  • Biomass removed from the land
  • Nitrogen and chemical run-off

An Ecologically Beneficial Alternative: Permaculture and Forest Farming

Garden for total calorie output/ acre, from all plant and animal sources. This allows the farmer to outsource many insect and weed control, and fertilizing to natural processes.

drawing of forest garden, with nut trees, berry bushes, wildlife
Nut and fruit bearing trees and bushes, animals to balance the ecosystem, “three sisters” planted in a clearing. Nitrogen provided by nitrogen-fixing honey locust

The Solution: Tibibev Uses Forest Products in a Delightful, Accepted Way!

  • “Three sisters”: Legumes, squash/ pumpkin, corn used in most products
  • Nuts: Nut fritters and nut brittle
  • Honey: Fermented in water kefir/ Tibicos drink
  • Sarrasin/ buckwheat: in “grain” bowls
  • Acorns: proprietary processing system, results in moist, nutritious, delicious Acorn Brownie Bites
many more products developed . . . please contact Tibibev to partner with us, in brining these to market!